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Awarded by Tech Music Pitch, Rethink Music, Midemlab, DPBB, Society3 and Kultur und Kreativpiloten

Step inside the music and experience sound like never before

Nagual Dance provides an element of fun and excitement for your event. It uses revolutionary software that translates movement into a variety of harmonious sounds, creating a unique and interactive music experience from one performance to another.

Nagual Dance puts a new spin on dancing. Rather than reacting to the music, the user receives instant musical responses based on their movements. This begins an exciting cycle of different sounds, which you explore with your body. You don’t dance to the music, the music dances to you.

Nagual Dance puts you inside the music. It transforms your body into an instrument and each dance session into an engaging performance. Liven up your next event with Nagual Dance or entertain your audience with a professional live performance by our team of skilled dancers.

From Techno to Tribal, our interactive songs create new possibilities for all genres.

Interactive songs are a new music format developed by Nagual Sounds and are the core element of Nagual Dance. An interactive song is a piece of music that consists of musical possibilities, which are then initiated by the dancers movements.

Each song has its own mood, tempo, and collection of sounds, rhythms and effects. These can be manipulated by movement, to create individual and unique variations out of the musical possibilities within the song itself.

A selection of interactive songs is already included in Nagual Dance. However, other musical pieces can be customised and produced on request.

Nagual Dance brings you new and innovative technology for the next age of music.

Nagual Dance uses a technology like no other. For the first time in history you can now step inside the music and create a customised composition using your body as an instrument. To do this a 3D motion camera is placed in front of the dancer to track their movements in real-time. This data is then processed and translated into music by the Nagual Sounds technology. Your arms and legs are linked to various virtual musical instruments. The dancer is represented as an avatar on a virtual dance floor. This is seen on a screen positioned in front of the dancer.

Let your body do the talking.

An extensively tested interactive dance and music experience

By participating in various events over the years, we have received brilliant feedback from our audience. Using our prototypes we have learned what works best for people of all ages. We have incorporated this knowledge into the development of Nagual Dance and continue to make Nagual Dance the best it can be.

We have been awarded Midemlab Award 2014, the Design Prize from Berlin-Brandenburg, the Rethink Musik Venture Day Award, the Award for Musik TechPitch 4,5, theSociety3 GoToStartups Award and Kreativpiloten Deutschlands 2014 award.

Everyone has music within them, so install it at your next party

Nagual Dance Party transforms your event into a live dance session like you’ve never seen before.

Make your party original by having your guests dance and create the music. But don’t worry because no musical or dancing experience is necessary, as the Nagual Dance software is programmed to create harmonious sounds no matter what sound is played. Nagual Dance is an innovative and fun technology that guarantees great entertainment at any party. Be inventive and let your body do the talking.

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Nagual Dance Corporate leaves a lasting impression by combining business with pleasure

Events are amazing networking platforms that enable direct contact between the brand and the clients. Stand out from the crowd and present with a globally unique innovation that will raise everyone’s eyebrows.
In addition to the playable function, we also offer creative and professional talks about the Nagual Dance and the future of sound. We ensure the experience stays with the audience and leaves a lasting impression.

Our team is pleased to tailor to your needs and requirements.

Nagual Dance as Brand Experience

If you love innovative art then Nagual Dance Performance is for you. Impress your audience with an unexpected, revolutionary live performance.

Do you want to surprise your guests with a one of a kind performance? We work with a selection of professional dancers and choreographers to create a magical and eye opening display! We combine dance, music and technology to create a memorable event.

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Tell us about your party. We have an experienced team ready to rock your dancefloor.

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